Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More books to check out

                                                          I made another trip to the library last week. Here are some of the books I checked out. Now you can check them out too. Don't you love a play on words checked out/ library. I think I'm petty clever anyways.

                                           These are from the book  House Beautiful Quick Changes   copy right 2013 by Heart Communications. This one was my favorite. Pretty pictures.

                                          Puddin' by Clio Goldman w/ Adeena Sussman copy right 2013. Pudding, I mean who doesn't love pudding? New York City Puddin' dessert shop. Yumm.


                                          Dreams From Home by Tracy Porter  copy right 1998 by Tracy Porter. Interesting book but, not really my cup of tea.

                                                    Couture Prairie and Flea Market Treasures  by Rachel Ashwell  copy right 2013 Rachel Ashwell. I love this look! Don't think my guys would go for it though. Very pretty!
                                                  Like I've said before I love just walking through the aisles of books and picking anything and every thing that looks interresting to me. I come out with a bagful so heavy I can hardly carry it. An entire cold, rainy afternoon worth of reading. I love to grab a cup of tea, my favorite snuggly blanket and head to the couch. Fall is perfect for that! Have you looked at any good books lately? Share some ideas.  Have a sweet day!

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