Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Craft shows


                                                  I love going to craft shows. Once upon a time I even participated in them. It was such fun setting up, selling, and seeing all the people. The money wasn't bad either. Except when it was, which is why I stopped doing them. Well, the craft show bug has bitten me again. It's obviously too late this year to start that's for sure. Maybe I can come up with something fun to make and fun fun to sell again. Lighted bottles, that's what I used to make and sell. In case you were wondering. For a little while more recently I made faux cupcakes, which was the reason I started this blog in the first place. I haven't made any for some time now. Maybe I could try those again. I personally think the lighted bottle "craze" is done, which is too bad because those were really fun to make. Anyhow, now I am completely off track. This started as a post about craft shows in general. I went to really nice one yesterday. People are so talented. Most of the time I would share pictures of our outings but, as a former craft show seller with respect for other crafters, no pictures were taken. So you have to trust me when I say this was the best craft show I have been to so far this year! It was at our local fair grounds. It is in a big building indoors where they hold it. So much to  look at. I was very impressed. That's not where the bug bit me though. I have been wanting to do shows for a little while now. Hmmm. Time to get my thinking cap on! Have you been to any craft shows yet? Were they good? Not all of them are. We went to one with so many of the same things. Booth after booth of pretty much the same items just in different colors, styles, etc. Or the one that had so many "company" products. Those are not crafts if you ask me. I know, you didn't. Just my opinion. Get out to some local craft shows you won't be sorry.  It is still fun to go even if they are not the best. Especially if you go with fun special people! Have a sweet day!

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