Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Finds #4

                                                  Hey there! Welcome to the 4th edition of Friday's Finds. This weeks item started out as a picture frame. I thought it would make a cute small tray. The metal part of the frame was supposed to be gold. It was having some identity issues, not quite gold but not really silver either. Unfortunately I was so eager to start I forgot all about the before picture. I took the back off and covered a piece of card board with pretty Christmas material from my stash. Then I spray painted the frame a very pretty gold color.

                                                    I put the frame back together, of course after the front glass got a good washing. I added some rubber grommets (I had left from other projects) to the back for "feet".

                                   I think this will look cute with some candles and maybe some greenery on it. Maybe for a side table or something. Here it is finished and waiting for the extras.

                                           I can't show it to you with the Christmas goodies yet because we haven't started our Christmas decorating yet. That will start the day after Thanksgiving. I seriously can't wait!
The frame was about $2.00 and I already had everything else here. I forgot to mention that I removed the back of the frame, you know the part that has the stand that holds it up. I replaced it with a piece of card board.The paint drying took the longest.  So that's it. I think a larger one for the dining room table would be cute, too. What do you think? Have a sweet weekend.

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