Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Before meets after

                                        This is our old computer desk. Not much to look at in this condition. Let me tell you though she was a real beauty in her day ( about 15 years ago,  wow really? Oh my am I old ). She just needed a little TLC to make her a perfect addition to my craft room. Considering it was already in there, it wasn't a long trip. Anyways, after taking some unneeded extras off, it was time to paint.

                                     A coat of primer and SEVERAL coats of paint later she was done. This desk is made from  compressed wood with the layer of wood grain stuff on top, so I had to be careful when I painted it. I highly recommend using primer before painting. I did not sand much before I painted. I used the spray kind of primer and about 4 cans of white paint on her. So worth it though. I used the cheapo stuff so maybe if I had used the good stuff it would have taken less. What do you think of the after?

                                     I think she fits right in now! Here compare the before to the after.

                                         I also added a piece of glass to the top so I can write and not worry about seeing it on there later.

                                          It also gives me a place to put pictures of my beautiful family! I took the glass out of a large framed art piece I am going to make something else with later. I got the picture at the thrift store for 50 cents. No joke. I am very happy with how it turned out. I will have to cover the edges of the glass with something as it is a little sharp if I run my fingers down it to put pictures under there. Ask me how I know that. Never mind I think you can guess the answer to that one! It only bled ( is that the correct spelling? doesn't look right.)  a little.  Have a sweet day!

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