Monday, October 21, 2013

Beckwiths' Orchards

                                                  About a week ago we went to Beckwiths' Orchards. It was a nice place to visit. They have many different kinds of apples to choose from. I really wanted to make a pie so we bought Melrose apples. Ooh were they good! They have a gift shop here as well as an orchard. You may even be able to "pick' your own apples, not sure, we didn't pick any, off of trees anyways. On the weekend you can get pieces of pie or whole pies if you like. They have cookies, pies, and apple dumplings to choose from. We each had a piece of pie. I think we will go back soon for apple dumplings though.

 Just a small part of the gift shop.

Bees. They sell honey, too.

Caramel nut apple pie. It was really good.

See, it was so good I forgot to take a picture. $2.50/ a slice.

Melrose apple. Good for pie.

Not lying... it was good!

                                         It was a fun place to go. Good for a Sunday afternoon autumn trip. Should  have gotten some warm cider while we were there, but it wasn't cold out. Maybe next time! Have you been to an apple orchard or some where Autumn-y yet? Have a sweet day!


  1. I love pie, that looks tasty. We have a lot of neighborhood apple trees but no orchards very near by.

    1. We don't have many neighborhood fruit trees around here. My son has been trying to get us to plant one since we moved here in 2005! Even if we had planted one then, we probably still wouldn't have fruit on it! LOL! Pie is quickly becoming my new favorite.