Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday

                                                  Surprise! it's Monday again already. That's what it looks like the Boy was saying. This picture is about 8 years old. Wow, time seems to fly sometimes. The weekends are never long enough are they?  We went on our first hike of the year on Saturday. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and warm. Everything is blooming nicely, too. Unfortunately, my poor Boy suffers from allergies, sometimes they are pretty bad. Lots of sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose... the list goes on. He was trooper though, he toughed it out and once we got home he was much better. poor kid! You can't keep them in all the time. There are times in the spring he has to stay in. Sunday it rained all day. I don't complain too much about the rain, it helps relieve the allergies a bit. We hope you all have a wonderful Monday and an even better week. Be well!


  1. Hubby is also suffering as he does every year. I am so fortunate I don't suffer from any allergies. Poor kid!

    1. I am fortunate also, I don't suffer from allergies either. Sometimes he get them really bad. We can hope this year is an easier one like last year (knock on wood). I feel for your hubby!