Friday, April 26, 2013

My Family Banner

                                      Are you tired of looking at my fireplace yet?  I think this is the last time for now.  I can't promise I won't ever show it again.  But, you're safe, for awhile anyway. This time I want to show how I made my banner. Well, not so much how, more like what I used to make it.  Making a banner is pretty basic. You need something to make it from, something to hang it from, and somewhere to hang it. Am I right? 
                                      Mine started with this roll of window screen. You know, the metal kind that comes in a roll. Now I am not sure why I have this roll. It showed up when I was organizing my craft closet. I cut small rectangles, I thought about triangles, but rectangles felt right. After I cut them out they got a couple coats of white spray paint.
                                       After painting them I felt they still needed something. I pulled some "strings" off from the edges,  which gave it a more frayed look. You might see it better in the after photo. ( I decided they needed more fraying after this picture.) This may not work for everyone. I don't have curious little ones touching things in my house  ( just a 12 year old). The edges might be considered pokey and sharp. With card stock and scrapbook paper I made two smaller rectangles to layer on top of  the screen. I stenciled the letters with a black Sharpie marker. I hung the pieces on twine by folding over the top edge to catch the twine.

                                        I wonder what else I could make from this screen stuff. It was easy to work with. My craft scissors cut it pretty easily even though it is metal. I don't think I would use good scissors on it,  it would most likely dull them. Do you have "good" scissors?  I have some I only use for sewing, my family knows not to touch them and they joke about using them all the time. So, that's it. Pretty basic stuff. Just different materials I guess. Have any suggestions for the screen? Let me know what you think in comments, please. If I come up with anything I will share. Did I mention that I already had everything to make this banner so no money spent?  Gotta love the freebies.
Have a great weekend!

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