Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer, summer, summer

Sounds like a Cars song. Oh, am I showing my age? Oh well. Summer is here! YAY! The Boy is officially a Middle schooler. HELP. I only cry when I'm alone. Just kidding.  Where does the time go? Actually, I am so excited for him. A whole new world will open up for him. He's ready. Me, not so much. Not so ready to move on and let go. I have enjoyed being his mom so much! I know it's not over, he is getting older though.I know he will always need his Mom.  He makes me so proud. At his awards assembly the other day he received the Character award, the third time this year I might add. We went back to school to visit ALL the teachers he has had and get photos with them. They had wonderful things to say to him. They were all so great. They could tell he may be a little unsure about Middle School. They reassured him and told him he will be great there. Priceless. That's the way his teachers have always been. LOVE THEM!  Now it's time for summer fun to begin. I can't wait.

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