Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A wreath.....

So you know how you see things online and think  why, I can make  that? Well, this is one of those things.. well, kind of.. These daisy wreaths started popping up on Pinterest. I am not sure where they originally came from, but I saw several varieties there. I love daisies. Thought these were cute. Decided to make one. I followed the directions  that said you can use a pool noodle to make the wreath. You know,  cut the noodle  to size and  "just" tape it together with duct tape.  This sounded good to me. Even found a pool noodle at the Dollar store. I even went as far as hot gluing the noodle before I taped it. And we all know my track record with the glue gun.. Anyway, spent  SOME  time wrapping this thing with about a skein of the yarn and glued the flowers on. I was set. Hung it on the front door. Beautiful. Fast forward to the next day when I opened the door to get the daily highlights,aka the mail, and imagine my surprise when I found my wreath now egg shaped. Seems duct tape and hot glue won't hold the pool noodle together. SIGH. Too bad I didn't make this before Easter. I still think the wreath is cute, so yes it is still on my door. NOT ABOUT TO START OVER!!  I made smaller one too. I used a styrofoam wreath on that one, which I highly recommend. I have since found similar wreathes with many more daisies on them. Maybe I will make one in the fall.... no more pool noodles for this kid! I think sunflowers would be cute. I might have to make one and see. Stay tuned. Oh and no I didn't burn myself. Have a sweet day. 

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