Sunday, June 10, 2012

Morning visitors

 Cute huh?  One Sunday morning this is what we saw.  2 baby raccoons outside our side door. They actually started on the porch and nosed their way around front. Dug a little in the flower bed, then took off. We haven't seen them since. Which I'm thinking is not a bad thing. I was waiting for Mama to show up and take them home, but nope. They played for awhile then left. My pictures are only so so. We've had some stray cats that hanging around out there too. It couldn't be cuz we feed them could it? Anyway I haven't seen the cats lately and we have noticed many more "wild" animals in our yard these days. Thank goodness these are the most exciting animals we've seen! It was a scorcher out there today. Probably more of the same for tomorrow. Stay cool!

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