Saturday, April 28, 2012

Family History

So, the Boy has a family genealogy project due next week for school. It makes you stop and think sometimes how different things are now than they were "back then". For instance, here we are typing away on the computer, maybe blog hopping or selling on Ebay or Etsy or being on Facebook. Back then think how long a letter could take to get from point A to point b. WOW. We were reading a little bit about my Great Great Great Grandmother. She came here from Germany in 1893 when she was nine. Her family came over on a Red Star Line Ocean Liner. I have this incredible (copy) hand written  life story written by her in her hand writing! (Thanks Mom, for sharing) I took the borrowed copy up the street and had copies made, which had I had ink I could have done in my own home. Imagine how different things were back then. Catherine  (GGG Grand.) had a brother who died at the age of 1 1/2 from croup  and a brother who died from taking medicine for an injured ankle. I can't help but keep reading on, there are 22 pages hand written. I know I don't know her but, yet I keep reading. I know my life isn't all that interesting but maybe I should start a hand written life journal for my son. I have been writing him letters since he was a baby. He hasn't read any and doesn't even know about them. I really need to write them more often than I do. I will add that to the MUST DO list. It is important to know where you come from, even if you don't always know all the people you come from. So there. Now we just need to light a fire under the Boy to get the project  finished. Too bad he doesn't feel well today, he's been running a fever since coming home from school on Friday. Poor kid. Gotta go crack the whip. Easily though, mind you.
Have a sweet day!

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