Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cupcake shops to visit

My Mom's choice

My choice

I love cupcakes! Big surprise huh? I love all kinds real and fake! So, I came up with this idea that lets me indulge without guilt. Well, kind of. See, I'm going to go to the area cupcake shops and try them out. There are a few in the area I know of . I'm going to go about once a week and share my experience with you guys. There aren't many in my area, but there are a few.

Yesterday we, you know I can't go enjoy this all on my own, so my Mom went with me. We decided to try the newest shop in the area. It's called Cupcake Binge. Go check them out here . They offer many different kinds. They carry some flavors everyday and others are day specific. You can find the flavors on the web site. They use fresh ingredients and organic items. All the flavors sound really yummy. I wasn't sure which to try. So I asked for a recommendation. The friendly folks recommended Lemon Squeezy or Mexican Vanilla. i chose Mexican vanilla and was very happy with my choice. The icing was sweet, the cake was moist, both had very good flavor. They describe the Mex. Van. as Mexican Snickerdoodle. YUMMY! My Mom chose Vanilla Vanilla. she was happy with her choice, too.

The shop is decorated in a modern feel, green walls and lovely tables. There is also a fireplace surrounded with a cozy seating area. Very cute! Since it was Valentine's Day it was a little busy but really no wait. Except for those having a hard time choosing which flavors they wanted.

So, it was a good choice for my first shop. I will visit others later. I have been to them all before so it will be good to revisit them. If you are in my area, you know who you are, come check them out. If not, check out the web site and come for a visit!

Had fun! Thanks for going with me Mom! Maybe next time we will take The Boy with us!

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