Monday, December 19, 2011

Snowmen, like I promised!

I am back. I have some snowman crafts for you. Now, these were made some time ago before I started blogging. So that means I don't have step by step pics. I can tell you they are pretty easy ones though. I will come back with a newer diy snowman soon, but for now I hope these will do.

The first picture shows a snowman the Boy made about 6 years ago. I think they are just the cutest things. Maybe you can make them with some kids you know. These are made from Dannimals Drinkable yogurt containers. We found the hats at a store called Flower Factory, great place if you have ever been there. The eyes are very small buttons, but you could use whatever you have. We have Pat Catans in our area so we get A LOT of our craft supplies there. That is where the little carrot nose came from, but I am sure you can get them other places, too.

The boy was 5 when he made these so we used tacky glue to glue stuff on. It has held up pretty well. We have these little cuties all around the house in the winter. A great way to recycle those containers. He drank that stuff All. The. Time. So we had to come up with something for them!

He drew the mouths on with crayon! I love that boy!!!

The next picture is a snowman wreath I made about 2 years ago. It is made from a styrofoam wreath covered with felt and a snowman head. You make a tube big enough to cover the wreath, leave a little extra to look like wrinkles. Cut circles of felt large enough for a head and sew it closed enough to stuff, oops, you might want to put the face on first it is easier. Ask me how I know that one! The eyes are buttons and the mouth is embroidery floss. The nose is a carrot shaped piece of felt sewn on. The scarf is from the dollar store ( love that place, you never what you might find there. Hmm, maybe future posts could be crafts made from supplies purchased there). The hat is made from scraps I had in my fabric scrap box. The mittens are also from scraps. He is hanging from a screw eye screwed in the top of the back. Again, most of the stuff I had around here already, except for the scarf.

Not the greatest directions, but easy enough to make by looking at the pictures. We have always been crafty people around here. When we can make stuff from things we already have it is a plus for me! I love to recycle, too. so there you have it, a few cute and easy crafts to make. I hope give them a try. Please let me know if you have any questions.

On an entirely different note, anybody watch Survivor? Do you think the "right" person won? I was not unhappy with the winner.

I still have much to learn about this blogging stuff. Like, why is there so much space at the end of these posts? Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Be well,


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