Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pretty light up present!

Well, it's been snowing all day here in N.E. Ohio. There's about 1 inch out there. The Boy is very happy. Yesterday was his last day of school until Jan.3! I am pretty excited about that, too. We gave all the presents to his teachers, they seemed to go over very well. I really had fun making them. I hope you are having fun making some gifts, too. So I'm sharing another how to today. These are very easy, I had to start simple so I can get the hang of this stuff. It is actually more for my benefit, really. Anyway, I think my little lighted gift turned out pretty cute. I had to take the dark picture in the bathroom, it was the darkest place I could find. I hope the pictures do it some justice.

I started out with the box. I spray painted it red and after it fully dried ( as in I got side tracked and finished it 4 days after I painted it ) I poked a hole in the back with a screw driver. I then carefully inserted a small set of lights through the newly poked hole. I put some ribbon around it, and then finished up with a homemade bow. Not sure if I am 100% happy with the ribbon I chose, but it will do for now. Again very simple and yet Pretty ( Insert Ahhhhs here ). I have made similiar ones before, the hardware cloth, material covered boxes with lights in them. I really like those, this was much easier. I had everything on hand, so again easy. Look for these kinds of boxes while thrifting, they are usually around. Let me know what you think. Maybe try one.

I am trying to make something with a snowman next. We'll see how that turns out. I am off to re-hang the snowflakes we hung all around the house from the ceiling. The little boogers keep falling. Just since I started this post about 3 of them have fallen. I need stronger tape! I will post pictures of them one of these days. I really need to work on some stuff for etsy. I might just wait until after Christmas. Still kicking around cupcake wreath ideas.

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