Wednesday, November 6, 2013



                                                   I've been seeing these "eat signs" popping up a lot lately. I really like the way they look in some of the pictures of kitchens I have seen recently. I decided my kitchen needed some too. The Sunday paper came and low and behold look what was in one of the weekly sales ads.


Notice the price tag on these beauties.  On sale $39.99

                                                   Did ya catch that price? Yes look again. I'll wait. Can you believe they want $39.99 for them and that's the sale price. Well, we all know that is just not going cut it with me. I decided to make my own. Now I'm sure the red beauties are probably wooden. I don't need no stinkin wood ones. Besides red won't match my kitchen. Let's see what we can do.


                                                     I found these letters at the craft store. They are the paper mache' kind. They were just under $2.00 each. Not bad. I am happy with them. I decided to make mine black. I already had black spray paint. You guessed it, I painted  them black.



                                           I thought they could use something else. So, I lightly sanded the edges and then put a light coat of stain on. You really can't tell from the pictures. They look better, more detail in person. Here they are hanging up on my wall.

                                              I think they came out kind of cute. I am happy with results. So let's compare again.    Theirs:


                                                  Oh and mine were just about $6.00. Theirs $39.99.  Pretty happy about that, too. Have a sweet day!

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