Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Stack of gifts

                                                          I had these nesting boxes. Which are cute the way they are , but not for Christmas. I started by poking holes through the tops and bottoms so a dowel rod would fit.

                                               Each box got 2 holes except the top box and bottom box, the top box got one on the bottom and the bottom box got a hole in the top. Tricky, huh?

                                              Next they all got wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and a matching bow. I was careful not to put the ribbon over the holes in the boxes.  I  put some tape over the paper and made slits (X shaped).


                                                  Kind of hard to see. I think you get the idea though.  I did this on all the boxes except the top box. You cover the top of the top box, no hole to worry about there.

                                             Stack the boxes on the dowel rod. Put a bow on top. Now the stack of presents will make a nice display and you don't have to worry about keeping them in a stack.

                                                  All dressed and stacked up with no place to go yet. I have to figure where to display them in my Christmas decorating. Can you believe it's almost that time of year again? I'm so excited! These were made with things I already had here. You will notice my bow on the top is different from the ribbon. I ran out and didn't want to buy more so I checked my ribbon stash and found this candy cane print.  When do you start your decorating? Do you do a little or a lot?  We do our main decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We do a lot! Have a sweet day.

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