Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Soap dispenser

                                          Have you seen these at Bath & Body Works? They are so cute!


                                     But I couldn't bring myself to pay $12.50 for one, a plastic one at that. I LOVE   B&BW  don't get me wrong. $12.50 for plastic?  Not this chick. Now I'm sure if you look around the internet at all you have seen  diy versions of this everywhere. Am I right? I love that you can find so much at your fingertips, don't you. Anyway, I already had everthing I needed to make my own.

                                    I just wasn't sure how to treat this. It is the ceramic lining under the jar lid.

                                    So imagine my surprise when I found this at the thrift store yesterday. I figured if someone attached that lamp thingy, there must be a hole under it.  Sure enough there was a hole already made for me. I'm a lucky girl I know!

                                      All I had to do was make that little hole a little bigger. I got my trusty needle nose pliers out and went to work. It really didn't take much and it made me so happy. I'm a pretty easy to please kind of gal anyway.
                                       And wouldn't you know, that little hole became bigger and bigger, until it was perfect. Just a bit smaller than it needed to be. I forced that pump through the hole and didn't even need glue! No glue yet anyways. It is working out fine. If I change my mind or need to chage the pump it will still come out. Here's my finished piece. Oh, I decided to go with a blue Ball jar, matches my bathroom better.
                                            I think I need one for my kitchen. I would like to make one with a black lid and pump. I need to find a black pump. Any ideas?  How do you think mine came out?  By the way, it's nice to be back. I missed you! Have a sweet day!


  1. It turned out really nice! I love Bath and Body Works but like you cannot justify their prices.

    1. Thanks! I love to go and smell all wonderful scents they have! Yes pricy for something you wash down the drain.