Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Books to check out

                                            Can you tell what was on my mind when I visited the library yesterday? Is it too soon, I don't think so. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas. I love how our home feels so, well, homey at Christmas. I mean it always feels homey to me, just homier at Christmas. Now I'm not in a big hurry for Christmas to be here. I always say don't wish for time to go faster, because it has a way flying by fast anyways. Some of these books are newer and some are older. I just get what jumps out at me. Like:

                        This one by Sheila Pickles. Copyright 1994 by Sheila Pickles.

from above book
also form above book


                       And this one.by Hallmark. Copyright 2006 Hallmark.
                            I thought using boots as stocking was a genious idea!


                                                  Some magazines too. Country Sampler and Romantic Homes. I love to look at Country Sampler magazine. Even these from last year. I don't know how I missed them last year, but they have wonderful things in them.

                                                         Another book.
                                                    This one is by Debbie Mumm. Copyright around 2001 by Debbie Mumm.
                                        That's why I love to get my books from the library. They have so many old and new ones. I love to grab a nice big cup of tea and read and look through them. You can get so many ideas from them. A cheap afternoon's worth of entertainment for me, especially on a cold rainy afternoon. It is fall now so we do get a few of those days now and then. Have you read or looked at any good books lately? Share in the comments below. Thanks! Have a sweet day!


  1. I love looking at Christmas magazines and books. Nothing new read lately but I keep past years Christmas magazines (really old now as I almost never buy magazines except used) to get inspiration this time of year - don't you just love Christmas? I sure do.

    1. It really is a magical time of year! I LOVE Christmas, too! I keep old magazine issues also. I get mine at yard sales, mostly I borrow them from the library. If I see something I like I scan it to the computer for future reference! Happy days!