Monday, September 16, 2013

Ready, aim, spray!

                                                      This little gem has come in handy, let me tell you. Probably the best tool I've purchased for under $6.00. It's called a Can Gun by Krylon. I bought this one a few years ago and it has been getting a work out lately while I'm working on my craft room. I used this to paint the stool, chair, and desk. I haven't posted the finished desk yet, pretty soon. It works on most spray cans I have tried it with. Maybe one of these days I will invest in a paint sprayer, but for the jobs I have been doing cans are working for me. I don't think my fingers could survive very long without it though! When I painted the desk I ended up with a blister even though I used it. It was still much better than not having it. So there's my tip for you. If you are going to spray paint something larger, get one! You will thank me! Have a sweet day!

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