Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Decor

                                          This may or may not be my last wreath. I am not even sure I would call this one a wreath. What would you call it? A door decoration. Ok. Whatever we call it, I think it might be my favorite one so far! What says summer more than flip-flops? I mean really? I know. All this one took was flip flops, a base, and some decorations. I got my flip flips at the Dollar Store. I would get them quick, I don't think they stick around long. I painted a wooden "welcome" from the craft store and everything else I already had in my craft stash. The base is just some cardboard strips I glued the shoes to. Total cost on this one $5.00. I have to say another one turned out better than I pictured in my head. Since only 3 people live in our house, I wanted to do a pair for each of us. But I think 4 balanced out better in the long run. It took a whopping 20 minutes to make. I spent the most time cutting the card board strips. Hot glue holds everything together. Yep, my favorite so far! As I said I can't promise there aren't anymore "wreathes" in my future. I really like something to decorate the front door. Since I have been feeling better i have gotten a few more projects done. Some more summer decor. I will be back to show them to you soon! Have a sweet day!