Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No more pencils

          No more books... You know how the rest goes! So excited today is the Boy's last day of school! That means no alarms, no homework, no schedules, and  fun! Yippee! I can't wait! I just might be more excited than he is....OK that last part is not true. He's very excited. SO. AM. I. I'm not one of those Moms who dreads the last day of school, nope, no siree. I absolutely love having him here so we can spend time together! So let's get this show on the road already. But I don't want the summer to go too fast! Have a sweet day!


  1. Now you know the rest of the story!!!!

  2. Enjoy your summer! Our kids in Canada don't get out until about the 25th of June but they also don't go back to school until after labor day weekend in September.

    1. We will enjoy our summer thank you! You enjoy your's also. School usually starts the last week in August here. Hopefully it won't be that Monday this year, the Boy's Birthday!