Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Walking Dead

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER and I mean EVER , think I would watch this show. You could say, and it would be an understatement, that I am not a horror type person!  NOT. ONE. BIT. So when the Boy came home one day and announced he would like to start watching this show I was... shall we say, not too excited ( again an understatement!). After much thought and discussion the Hubby and I agreed, if it was something that WE wanted to watch, he would do it for us and has on more than a few occasions. We decided to rent the first season. I mean why not start the horror from the beginning, you wouldn't want to miss anything right? ( said with much sarcasm)  So, we did for family movie night. We figured we would watch one  part of an episode and everyone would have their fill. We only rented one disc from season one. Our rental store broke up season one into two separate rentals ( don't know why-- the other season comes all in one set). We watched the first episode, not too bad. I watched without any major trauma. Jumped a few times, but not completely out of my skin. Only had to cover my eyes a few times. It is a show about zombies you know.  So episode one became two and so on until we watched all four episodes on that disc and wished we had rented disc 2. Who knew? Not me that's for sure!  We have finished season one now and are on to season two, about 5 episodes in. And guess what...........not only have the paramedics not been called to restart my heart, I can say I am enjoying it. WOW. That's big for me. Doesn't mean I am or will ever be a horror type person!!! I am content with JUST THIS SHOW. Do you hear me Boy, just this one. So far ( wink).  I guess I could stand to be a little more adventurous. Just some, not ready for Horror movies though! Have you watched The Walking Dead? Who is your favorite character? I think so far, I would say Glenn. I won't push you to watch it don't worry.

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