Monday, March 18, 2013

Old photos and family history

My Grandmother at 16

My great great Grandparents

Some family history research.

                                                We spent the afternoon going through a bin of our pictures. Some of them turned out to be older than others. Yesterday I found the family research I started several years ago. I think it might be time to take another look through the family history information I have collected. Things in that department hit a few snags. I hit a dead end rather quickly and put it away for awhile. Since then the Internet has opened up more options for these kinds of searches. At least I would hope it has anyway. It is the information super highway right?  Maybe it will be easier now. These are pictures of people on my maternal side. My Mom has done quite a bit with her side. It is really fun when you can put faces with names. I decided to do my paternal side. It was interesting to find people and learn things about my family. I'm not even sure how to begin again. Does anyone know of any free research sites I could visit to get started? I think this could be a great project for my son to work on too. He had a family tree project at school last year and we had fun working on it together. I hope we can continue. Please let me know if you can point me in the right direction. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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