Monday, June 18, 2012


Sooo I want a cupcake, just one. Simple right? Apparently not so much. The Boy and I decide to go to a local bakery, Vincents. Guess what.... they don't have 'em. Cookies, that might work. Just a few though don't want to get a lot ( don't need them) well, I don't have any cash on me (never do) and they have a minimum debit card amount. Fine, off to the next place. An actual cupcake shop about 7 minutes away. Off we go. Can you guess what happens next..... Cupcake Binge is NOT OPEN on Mondays. Really,  At this point I say forget it. McDonald's is across the street. Chocolate milk shake it is. And you know what, it was really good! The company was even better. Ever have that happen, you really want something, but nope. Then you just make do. There's always tomorrow. ;)

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