Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher appreciation!

Okay, so this week is teacher appreciation week at the Boy's school. I have to say we are very lucky here. He has the best teachers! I really feel his teachers should have this week because they really do work hard! Sometimes they are under appreciated! Not by us though. The first two are pretty easy to figure out who they were made for. I found some inspiration on Pinterest. Love that place! He has 3 teachers everyday. Can you believe they switch classes in 5th grade? At least it kind of prepares them for next year when he starts middle school. OMG. Seems like yesterday he was starting Kindergarten. But, that is a topic for another post! 3 specials ( gym, art, and music) teachers too. I made fake cupcakes for his regular teachers. Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the cupcake for his math teacher. It has white icing, picture holder which we put thank you cards into, and a small apple on it.I think they all turned out pretty cute. he still has to take a present for his Project Excel ( gifted class) teacher. We decided to give her an end of the year present instead. This will be the last year he has this teacher. She is pretty special, too. So many changes next. But, that is then and this is now. So, appreciate your kids teachers! We really do! Thank you teachers every where!

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