Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I must say I have been a bad blogger these days. I keep promising projects and not fulfilling my promises. Baaaad girl I say. I could use so many excuses, I had them all ready. But I think I will just tell the truth. Life is happening all around me on a daily basis. I know, I'm pulling the life happens card. It is the truth though. This year The Boy is in 5th grade. We just went to 6th grade orientation tonight at the middle school. I CANNOT BELIEVE MY BABY IS GOING INTO MIDDLE SCHOOL NEXT YEAR!!! Where did the days go where he needed me to hold his hand when we crossed the street or called me Mommy? Don't get me wrong I can honestly say I have LOVED every step in the growing up process, I really truly have. I have loved each phase more than the last. I have been thinking about days gone by too. I have realized he may not need my hand anymore but he will always have it when he does need it! He may not call me Mommy anymore, but you know something... Mom sounds just as wonderful coming from him. So I am not sad that time is moving before I am ready for it to go, I just need a minute to breathe and catch up. So onward time marches and I am marching right along too. Only dragging my feet a little. I AM SO VERY PROUD OF THAT BOY AND THE PERSON HE IS and I cannot wait to see it ALL! 
I will be back with projects and etsy and all that, really I will. ;) 
Have a sweet day!

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