Sunday, March 4, 2012

Facebook and more

So do you think facebook is all that? I happen to like it very much. Maybe too much sometimes. I just L O V E modern technology. Could you imagine having a phone of your own as a teenager. I mean, that you could carry around? Who knew, right?! I do remember having phones that my brother and I could run a cord between our bedrooms and the things would ring. We just thought that was the coolest thing, until we ran them out the window, above the driveway to the our friends house next door. OMG. We just thought we were the smartest things ever. I mean a phone that ran to your best friends room and you could talk anytime. Without parents permission. The phones worked a bit like walkie talkies. I'm not sure how long that little plan went on, you know how parents can be! But we had fun while it lasted. So anyways, I guess I got way off my topic here. I am going somewhere with this. At least I think I am. Anywhoo, Facebook, oh yea that's where this rambling started. I have reconnected with people while on Facebook. I have fun on there. That can't be all bad right. Anybody you have reconnected with through facebook or some other social media? Are there others. I'm not that social I guess. Let me know your stories. Oh and while you're on Facebook next time check out You know just because.. please. Share your stories.
I do need some help. I would love to host a link party here sometime. I have NO IDEA how to do that. Can someone share how. Please. HELP. Thanks.


  1. If I remember correctly, those phones lasted until one Saturday morning around 6 am when they started ringing!! Those were the days, I sure miss them! Love you, Mom

    1. Ahh, yes that was it. Well it was fun while it lasted. Yes, those were the days. I miss them. But these days are good too! Love you!