Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another (yay) cupcake shop

Okay I thought there weren't that many cupcake places around here. I was wrong. I keep finding more. Oh darn, I know. I have wanted to open one myself for sometime now. Rethinking that these days, appears there are more than enough around.

So this shop is called Pure Delite Cupcakes find them here The cupcakes here were wonderful. I would say the one I had was the best one I have had so far. I had the Apple Jacks cupcake. The cupcake was an apple cupcake with butter cream frosting. The frosting had crushed cereal Apple Jacks, hence the name Apple Jacks Cupcake mixed in. YUMMY!!!!!!! We tried a few different kinds. We bought Apple Jacks, Chocolate Delight, and Ginger Peach. They even have samples! :) you can try. So, we did! We tried Red Velvet and Berry Berry Berry Good. They were all really good. The price is $2.50 each for a normal size cupcake. They also have cake balls. we did not try those. NEXT TIME!!

Here is where I would tell you about the decor and stuff.....but... I honestly don't remember specifics. I do remember it was bright and cute. They also have some items for sale. Just a few tables to sit at though. I am noticing that is a pattern. Maybe most people don't stay and eat like we did. The people were nice here too!

So if you are in the Summit Mall area, you know who are and where you are, stop in and TRY some cupcakes!!

Check out the pictures above. Picture #1 The comp. van #2 The store front #3 Apple Jacks cupcake ( can you believe that frosting.. I know right.) #4 Ginger Peach cupcake #5 Chocolate Delight Cupcake.

They were all YUMMY! Go hurry you know you want to!

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