Sunday, December 4, 2011


Come on visit you know you want too! Maybe I have a cupcake you would like to own. Come take a look. I can do custom orders too. I really like to make these. I make faux cupcakes because I can't seem to make real ones taste very good. So I got the idea that if I make fake ones, they don't have to taste good just look good. Do you think they look real. I hope so. One of the first expiriences I had making real cupcake didn't turn out very well. I made cupcakes for my son's class for a Valentines day party. They were BEAUTIFUL, I have to say. Pretty pink icing all dolled up with heart sprinkles, the works. any ways, what would posess me to put them in the trunk with jugs of juice? go ahead ask I have a million times, I digress... well as you can imagine the sound as I rounded the corner very near school, Yep, the juice rolled right over the BEAUTIFUL did I mention they were BEAUTIFUL, pink cupcakes with heart sprinkles. My heart sank and I cried , yes, cried right there on the road, when I opened the trunk and found the jug of juice perched on the BEAUTIFUL cupcakes. SQUISHED every last one!! I had to stop at the store and buy some supermarket plain cupcakes. I bet my BEAUTIFUL pink cupcakes (which were strawberry by the way) would have even tasted good, but alas the world will never know. so, now I make fake ones and haven't cried over these beauties yet. So have a look at my etsy store Cute Cupcake Cottage and see for yourself.

This is from my Squidoo page. have you been there yet? squidoo, I mean. It is a fun place. You make "pages", they are called lenses. Go check it out. Make a lense. Visit me there , too . try ot out. Tell me what you think.

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