Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some DIY gifts

At this time of year there are many gift giving opportunities. We always like to show our appreciation for The Boy's ( my son ) teachers. This means a few extra gifts. He has 3 reagular teachers he sees every day, 3 specials ( art music gym ) teachers, 1 gifted class teacher, a principal, and 1 very special school secretary. This can add up quick, so we try to keep the gifts small. So this is where the diy in me steps in. Here are a few gifts I made for them. I think that the pictures are pretty self explanitory(sp). The first picture shows the almost finished projects. I am going to fill these jars with candy. I was trying to find some candy that is wrapped in black wrappers to show through the Mickey outline, not having much luck so far, any suggestions?

Having some picture issues at the moment.

supply list


contact paper

frosted spray paint

outline image

ribbon of choice

Start with a clean jar. Decide what image you would like your "window" to be. Trace the image onto the contact paper. Cut out the image and firmly place it on the jar where you want it.

Spray the jar with the frosted paint. After waiting the appropriate drying time, which varies per manufacturer, carefully peel off the contact paper. I let mine dry for 24 hours after removing contact paper before I tied the ribbon on. I think they came out pretty cute. Next i will fill them with some candy and there you go. I had everything here on hand so it that was even better. let's see if my pictures will post now. Tell me what you think of this project. Easy and fun!

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