Friday, November 11, 2011

A guest post..

Hi! My name is Daffie, I am guest posting today on Cute Cupcake Cottage. This is my Mommy's blog, she was nice enough to ask me to do a little post for her today. So, I'm going to do a list of my favorite things. They are all my favorite things listed  in no particular order.  I. LOVE. them .all. so I'm not going to number them.
. Bailey
.Sleeping on my Mommy
.To lay on my back because Daddy really likes it when I do this
.Eating spiders
.cat watching
.running through the house
.to put my food in my water before I drink
.Watching someone fill my water bowl
These are some of my favorite things. maybe some are yours too? Well my Mommy willl be back soon. I hope she likes my post and maybe I can do it again sometime. Until then
Daffie                                                                                                               ME

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