Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree Show

                                                            This past weekend the family and I visited a benefit Christmas tree show. You can read all about it here.  The proceeds from the show benefit Children's Hospital of Akron. The trees are decorated, donated, and then sold. We try to go every year. I will share some pictures of trees I took.

                                                  I took these with my phone I hope they came out clear enough. The first tree is a dream in red and white. Probably my favorite tree. There are hundreds of trees here, so remember these are a few of my favorites the ones that really caught my eye.

                                                    Cute Frosty tree. There was a larger tree there also that was Santa, my Boy's favorite and apparently I didn't get one single picture of it. Go figure.
                                         Cupcakes and sweets on this one. That's all that needs to be said.
                                                          Are you a Coca-Cola lover? I am, but ahh not this much. Still cute though.
                                                     How about an avid reader?  I think this one is interesting, not too Christmasy, but still very nice. So this is just one of the family activities we did over the weekend. How about you?  Have a sweet day!


  1. What a pretty bunch of trees. I went to a tree show for charity a few years ago and took tons of pictures. So nice to get into the holiday mood.

  2. It was very pretty. it helps to kick off the Holiday season.