Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Here's where it started

                                                     I have begun the transformation of my new craft room. It started out as an office/computer room. No one has used the OLD computer in there for quite some time now, so hubby got rid of it .Since the computer is no longer there, ( we have a laptop and the Boy has his own computer in his room) we decided I could make it into my craft room. Right now my craft space is in the basement, but  mostly I bring projects upstairs to work on them anyways. Kind of gets old to have to drag things up when I start and clean up before I make dinner. I can't wait to actually use the new room when it's finished. My goal is to do the whole room without spending much money. Reuse and re purpose things I already have to make them work. The room is not large, it's about 10' 4" by 9' 2". It has one window, a closet, and two ways to enter. I just realized these pictures don't show the whole room very well. You can kind of get the idea though. So far things are running smoothly. I have good help, my guys are quite willing to lend a helping hand when I need one. I will post my progress soon. Here we go! Have a sweet day!


  1. Hurry hurry......post pictures!!

    1. I will soon. It is still a work in progress!