Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vacation photos!

                              We got home Saturday from our fun filled vacation week. This year we went to Virginia Beach.  We spent 5 days at the beach and then stopped over night in Washington D.C. on the way home. I have been to both places before but, I'm not sure if it counts if you're not old enough to remember being there. We had the best time! We all love the beach, so going was a blast and to go to D.C. was amazing. I think this may have been the best trip ever. Virginia Beach is beautiful. We went to a few other places while we were there. Let's see. The beach, obviously.  We went to downtown Norfolk to see a huge ship. We drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, both ways. We went to First Landing, were the first settlers landed. It was hard to believe we were standing in the same spot. I love stuff like that. We spent a whole lot of quality family time together, I love that best of all! Our visit to Washington DC was amazing as well. The buildings, memorials, and monuments are so much bigger than I realized. The day we went was the same day someone vandalized the Lincoln Memorial with paint. I will never understand what possesses some people and their actions. Thank goodness it is fixable. So without further delay here are some pictures. No groaning now. I won't bore you. Now remember this is just a sample of our pictures. I lost track of how many we actually took.

The beach

Cape Henry Lighthouse (new)

The beach

The beach

The beach

First Landing

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (off the side)

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (inside)

The USS Wisconsin

My Boy

The Capitol Building

The Washington Monument (being repaired)

Lincoln Memorial ( with some paint still on it)

House where Lincoln died (duh)

King Neptune on the beach

All you need

                                          We had so much fun! It was an awesome trip! I must thank my hubby and my Boy. I love them so much. It's always nice to spend time together as a family. It really makes you appreciate things more when you can do it together. I hope you enjoyed my "little" picture presentation. Thanks for stopping by. Have you taken a trip this summer? Or are you going to? Well if you do, have fun and be safe. ENJOY!

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