Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beach inspired fireplace decorations

Remember this?

                                      Remember I said I couldn't promise that I wouldn't show my faux fireplace again. Well here it is, I know, again. It's looking a little different though, that has to count for something, right? Well, not in the above picture. I had to put that up there in case you didn't remember it. You know I'm only thinking of you!  Almost everything beachy I made from stuff I already had. Except for the wooden fence. I got the wood at Lowe's for about 3 bucks. So here's the after:


                              Where to start? Let's see... I made the summer banner from scrapbook paper and ribbon I already had. Just paper this time nothing fancy. I used the same stencils as before with the family banner. Oh, I just remembered I did buy the fishing net for this too. I got it at the Dollar Store. It was made of white cotton string. I mixed some black, green, and white paint together then thinned it with water. I soaked the net in it for a few minutes and then put it on the driveway in the sun to dry. The wooden fence is supposed to look like the fences I have seen at the beach. I bought two pieces of wood at Lowe's. I cut them into 3 pieces each and used some rusty wire pieces to connect it together to make it more fency, yes I said fency not fancy. I stained the wood with the vinegar and steel wool stuff. Have you tried that yet?  That may be what my next post is about. I really like the way it makes wood look. I made the beach sign also.  It looks pretty when I light it up at night. I put some seashells we have collected from past trips to the beach in some jars along with sand. The brass lantern was a gift from my favorite cousin quite a few years ago. So there you have it. Again, not very fancy, but I like the simpleness of it. It seems to fit there. Just the right beachy feel I was going for. 
I hope you are enjoying you week. We'll talk again soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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