Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A solar jar light

                                                 I have been seeing these all around lately and  wanted to make one for quite awhile. I got my inspiration here.  She made it look pretty easy. I knew I had the jar and the solar light. My jar came from Goodwill and my solar light,  you guessed it the Dollar Store. I went searching for a lid to fit the jar and came across this baby. I was so excited because the lid I found already had the opening, so I didn't even have to cut one! Talk about easy!

                                                  Not sure how well you can see the opening, but it's the best before shot ( the only one ) I have. I just took the solar light top off and glued it inside the lid over (or maybe under not sure which) the hole. I'm sorry I did a terrible job with photos. I didn't take enough.
                                                    I used rusty wire for the hanger, just twisted it around. The light now sits on a small shelf in the bathroom and comes on in the dark. I have to put it in the sun during the day to charge which may get old, but for now I can live with sticking it in the window in the sun.
                                            It lights up the bathroom just enough to see and not too much to be annoying. The bathroom is right across the hall from the Boy's room so we don't want to light up his room at night. So far it is working out great and it's cute, too. This craft was almost too easy. It would have been harder if I hadn't found the lid. I don't know what I bought that lid for, I have had it for some time. I'm pretty sure I bought it at the craft store though. One of those  "I know I can do something with this" purchases. So let's recap... jar Goodwill $2.00, solar light Dollar Store $1.00, and lid craft store so long ago I don't know how much ( we will call that already on hand ). Grand total = $3.00. Not bad. If you make one and cut the lid please be careful, we don't want any cut fingers. Let me know if you make one. Have a sweet day!