Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paint chips please

                                                I think everybody has seen these lately. I saw one on Pinterest and really thought it was cute.  When we took our last trip to Home Depot I decided to pick up a few paint chip cards. By a few I mean 30 or so.  And I wonder why the Hubby thinks I'm crazy? The Boy eagerly helped me pick them out, my "partner in crime". You never know when we might need more paint cards for something. I had everything else on hand to put this little cutie together. You can't really tell from the picture too much, but the background is blue sky with some clouds. I'm happy with how it turned out. I did use some of the other cards to make a book mark too. Sorry no picture of that.
                                           It would be easier to use a punch to make the hearts, but I don't have one that is big enough so I used stencils. Now I need to come up with something to make to use the other 20 or so cards. Have you made anything you've seen on Pinterest? I just love looking around there. I have some other ideas for some projects. If I could just get them finished started.  Have a sweet day!

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