Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to make a twine covered letter

                                        This idea started out as a wreath. Once I finished it I thought it would look better by the fireplace. I think it might be too small for a front door wreath anyway. Now I have to come up with a new wreath idea for the front door. I made my letter from recycled cardboard boxes. I drew a W on some cardboard and then cut out several of the same shape and size. I added a few layers in between with left over pieces to make it thicker.

                                        I decided it might be easier to cover with the twine if the sides were a bit more even. I cut small strips of cardboard to wrap the edges with. Like this:
                                         I started by gluing the end of the twine on the back and then just  wrapped. I soon realized you could notice the colors a bit through the twine. I covered the colors with white sticky vinyl. You could probably spray paint the cardboard. Just make sure you use cardboard that isn't too colorful. Unless you like that look. It's possible.


                                            It takes a bit of time to wrap, depending on the size of your letter. This is a good time to watch some t.v.. Or not. Whatever.  I won't judge what you watch. Once I finished I wasn't sure how I was going to hang it anyway, so just leaning worked out for me. I got my twine at the Dollar store. I used 1 and 3/4 rolls. I was smart and bought 2 so I wouldn't have to go back. See I do learn sometimes. So, this letter cost me $2.00.  Like the window, I see a theme emerging here. I thought it might be interesting to spray paint it, but found I liked the twine color too much. I think some small shapes covered with twine would be cute for Christmas ornaments. Maybe I will try some and some painted too. Here he is all finished.
                                          Another fairly easy project to make. pretty cheap to make also. I like the way this turned out. How does it look to you? Do you think you might try one? Oh go ahead you know you want to. Have a great day!

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