Friday, March 22, 2013

 I see a slight resemblance don't you?  Oh just say yes. It will make me very happy! I think we are about the same age in the pictures. I have to say everybody always says he looks just like his Dad. So just this once just for a minute when you look sideways and squint, we look alike. See. Okay, thank you. Now your day and mine can continue. Have a good one! Spring break for the Boy starts here on Monday. I hope the weather warms up a bit. we would like to do some hikes maybe. I think it might be a busy week for us. Fun busy though. I can't wait for a homework free week for him! He needs one right about now. Sleeping in and no alarms sounds like heaven. Not sure what my posting schedule will look like next week. We will see how it goes. Have a wonderful weekend.