Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Past.....

We have just about finished our Christmas decorating. Just need to "tweak" a bit and add a little more here and there. I love Christmas!  We all love decorating for the Holidays here too.  We all help put all the pretties up. All three, oops I mean four, after all Daffie likes to "help" too!  So we spend the day together decorating, hanging out, and laughing, lots of laughing!  I thought I would share some things we used in our decorating.  The first picture is Hubby and Me,  from umm.......a long time ago. Mere babes I say. And of course we still look exactly the same. (wink)  The next picture is from The Boy's first Christmas. He is about 4 months old.  The things we put on our children, he was very cute in his Santa outfit, don't you agree?  In the third picture The Boy is about 2.  Look at those rosy cheeks! The last picture is of a wreath we made around the same time. We traced his little hands. I love to look at these kind of things! I wonder if he would let me trace them now to make another?! That wreath has been up every Christmas since we made it. Thanks for taking a walk down my memory lane with me. I will share some more later. Ahhh the magic of Christmas!

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