Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cupcake shop time

Okay so this one didn't go so well. A place called Bittersweets. Find them here The cupcakes looked deadly, sounded deadly, smelled pretty good too. They were not so good on this day. The flavor was there, but they were D R Y. Like maybe day old dry? I really had high hopes after we started looking at them. We got 6 different kinds. We ate the first 3 before I remembered to take pictures. D' OH. What can I say? The first 3 were 50/50, peanut butter cup, and salted caramel. If they were really good you could almost over look the dryness. They were only okay good. The second three are pictured above. 1.German chocolate 2. Mi Corazon 3. Evil cupcake. Not bad, but DRY also. I don't know about you but a dry cupcake makes me sad. All 6 were dry. Too bad, because they look really nice. The Mi Corazon was spicy, my first experience with chocolate and spice together. Maybe it was just a fluke, maybe they are not always dry. It was Saturday around 4:00. Who knows? Maybe we will have to visit them again sometime.

The weather has been wonderful here lately. With more of the same to come. The weather has been so nice, like spring. I wonder if that means spring time allergies will be here early as well. Oh the poor Boy! He gets hit every year with those nasty things. Let's hope they come and GO quickly! I have been working on a few spray painting projects this week. I will be back later to share those with you. I will also share some new Etsy additions as well. See you again soon.

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