Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another local cupcake shop!

How has your day been? Here pretty good. I get to talk about cupcakes today. Yay! The second stop on my cupcake shop tour is a place called Heavenly Cupcakes. We went there last week. It was a good stop. Check them out here http://www.heavenlycupcakeskent.com/ I'm glad we went here. Remember I told you about the Habitat for Humanity Resale store we stopped at after we went. Again, we have been to Heavenly Cupcake before, it's been a while though. I must say I found the cupcakes to be just that, heavenly. The cupcakes are $1.95 each here. We tried 4 flavors. There were 3 of us this time. We tried.. raspberry almond, rocky road, wedding cake, and red velvet. They were all good.

The shop it's self is decorated very cute. Pinks,whites, and greens. We received are cupcakes on glass plates with forks. Very nice atmosphere. This time I just chose what looked good. Although they all looked good, rasp. almond sounded best to me. The very nice folks were very helpful,too.

They sell some cupcake merchandise there as well. The cupcakes were very homey and very cute. The best part, they taste good! So if you are in this area, I highly recommend stopping in. Check out there website for all important info.

Picture #1 rocky road

#2 raspberry almond

#3 wedding cake

#4 Heavenly Cupcakes Shop

We ate cupcake #4 before I realized I hadn't taken a picture of oops.