Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas greetings and stuff

Christmas greetings to all! Love Christmas. Hope you all had a really great day and can carry these feelings into the new year. It is coming so fast. I had to get a few last minute things in here before we have to face the facts, the cold hard facts that the Christmas season will be coming to a close. I love all the things you can do and not even realize until you see the pictures. Although in some cases this is bad, really bad. But not this time. The picture of our tree was taken through these effects glasses we got last year at a hardware store of all places. Pretty cool huh, I think so ( here is where I am patting myself on the back for being clever, except it is not an original idea of mine, could have been though...really). It takes some practice and about 10 pictures or so, to get a good well, kind of good, one. What do you think?

The wreath is an easy craft that is cute, too. Maybe you can make these for decorations next year. Would be cute to shrink and make for Christmas cards. ( I did not get mine mailed out this year :( I don't keep stamps here, so I kept forgetting to get them. I know, I will mail them out in February. Think anyone would expect that?!) Sorry about that! Anyway, back to the wreath. I just traced my Boy's hand over and over and over on craft foam and cut them out and arranged them in a circle to look like a wreath. See I told you easy peasy. I put magnets on the back. I think we made this when he was about 3. Do you think he will let me do it again, now that he is 11 and all? All I can do is ask right? I will get back to you on that one ( don't hold your breath waiting ;p ).

So there you have it, a 2fer. I really hope you all had a really wonderful Christmas. I will try to be back before the New Year, but I'm not sure about that. I have many plans for the upcoming year. Maybe you guys can help me out some. What would you like to see here next year? Leave me some comments, we'll chat. Thanks.

Happy Holidays!

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